Commitment To Quality

At Freshlunches, children’s nutrition is our greatest concern. We use only the best and highest quality ingredients and engage in the latest good health practices.          


What Our Commitment To Quality Means In Practice:

Fresh fruits and vegetables

No partially hydrogenated oils

Appropriate portions

No high fructose corn syrup

Variety and Seasonality

No mechanically retrieved meat products


Our Core Values

Our core values define who we are both as people and as an organization. They comprise the underlying principles on which our company is built and how it will grow. All our professional efforts are guided by our core values which reflect what is truly important to us. 

How We Define Our Core Values:

We strive to create meals with the highest quality ingredients. Our meals are always made fresh and we take every measure to provide the best tasting nutritious meals that children love to eat.

We believe in building lasting partnerships with parents, children, schools and communities. We are devoted to working with parents, schools and advisors from different disciplines to provide healthy food choices for our children while keeping our ears open to children's feedback and preferences.

At Freshlunches we feel multifaceted responsibilities. We do our best to create a pleasant experience for parents, children and schools. We also feel it is our duty to be kind to our environment by providing recyclable packaging.

We treat our employees, customers and vendors with the highest level of respect and fairness in all our business dealings.



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