Our Food

The kitchen is the heart of Freshlunches. We believe that good nutrition can be fun and tasty while being convenient and affordable.

Our meals are made at our kitchen so parents know that their children receive home-made quality foods made with wholesome ingredients.

Freshlunches meals are familiar and delicious favorites. Our meals range from Mac N Cheese made using Freshlunches house recipe and handmade Calzones to Veggie Sushi and Paella. We also bake many delicious muffins and breads made with whole grains which we offer as part of both our school lunch menu and our catering services.

When it comes to portion size, we know that one size does not fit all. That’s why our meals are designed with the appropriate portion size in mind to ensure that children always receive well-balanced and nutritionally proportioned meals.

Each lunch consists of one entree , two sides including choices of fresh fruits, vegetables or salad , and water or milk. We provide choice, so that parents can be confident that their children receive variety, quality, and a well-balanced meal. View our Sample Menu to see some of our offerings.

We continually work with a team of parents, children and food experts to develop a menu that makes good nutrition a playful experience every day of the week. You will see new items on our menu from month to month, many of which have been recommended by parents and sometimes by children themselves. Our daily menu offers a selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian entrees.
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School Service Options

Our team works with local suppliers and vendors who also work with the best-known natural supermarket brands to deliver the highest value to parents and schools at an uncompromised quality. 

Our company is dedicated to providing a viable and convenient option for both schools and busy parents in providing healthy meals for children. In working directly with schools, we understand that lunch program needs vary from school to school.

Our Freshlunches team of certified food handlers will help implement a successful customized lunch program that meets the specific food needs and budget requirements for your school. Our services range from pre-packed individual lunches to full on-site food service management. Please contact us directly to learn more about your school’s service options and delivery range availability.

Catering Services

Planning a party? No worries... Freshlunches will help you create a unique experience for your special event. Whether planning to feed a group of hungry pirates, Snow White and her friends or the crew of a star ship, we will help you create a customized menu that is fun, delicious and healthy! Please contact us to discuss your event and how we can be of assistance.

School Districts

Freshlunches healthy meals are now also available for the increasing number of School Districts who seek to incorporate fresh, all-natural meals into their menu. Freshlunches has established a division to meet the specific nutritional requirements for School Districts. Our all-natural breakfast, lunch and snack items meet or exceed USDA guidlines for NSLP.

Our staff includes on-site HACCP certified professionals who ensure strict food safety standards are met for all our products.

To learn whether the Freshlunches products designed for School Districts are right for your district, please contact us.

Freshlunches Kitchen Facility

Our kitchen facility is regularly inspected by the Health Department and has maintained an "A" rating. Due to the diversity of child-related allergens, we are unable to accommodate students suffering from food allergies



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