You Plan! 

Planning lunches with Freshlunches is easy. Parents and children log in and with a few mouse clicks pre-select lunch entrees and side options for each day of the week. Meals can be ordered up to two-months in advance and parents can elect to order once a week or everyday of the month. Ordering deadlines are every  Friday for deliveries scheduled the following week.  If you are ready to sign your child up for Freshlunches, visit our get started page and start ordering Freshlunches for your child today.


We Prepare and Deliver!

Freshlunches prepares the lunches fresh every day in our facilities and delivers the lunches to school using temperature controlled vans in time for lunch.

At Freshlunches we understand that each school has different food services needs and we offer a full range of services for your school. We work with you to determine the best lunch program suited for your needs. Our services include pre-packed individual lunches  as well as full on-site food  services. 



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