Getting started with Freshlunches is easy!

Getting started with Freshlunches is an easy four step process:

1) Confirm that your school offers Freshlunches services. Your child’s school will notify you if they offer our services. If you would like us to contact your child's schools about offering our services, please contact us. If your child’s school offers Freshlunches services, go to step 2 and start ordering healthy meals for your children.

2)  Contact your child's school to obtain the registration information. Once you have registered, you will be able to place your orders. If you are already registered, go directly to the log-in page and place your orders.

3) Select the child you want to order for and plan your child’s meals. You will be able to select meals up to a month in advance! If you are ordering for more than one child, select the next child and repeat the ordering process.

4) Once your orders are complete select check-out, review your order and pay for the meals. For your protection, our ordering site is secured and we do not store any Credit Card information. You will receive an order confirmation via e-mail.


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