Children Benefit

Balanced, Nutritious Meals
A well-balanced and nutritious lunch helps children stay alert and focused, and improves their capacity to learn, grow, and succeed.

Menu Variety
No more complaints about bologna sandwiches! With Freshlunches' wide range of fun menu options, kids don't get bored of eating the same thing every day. Mix it up, for the health of it!

Learning by Doing

When parents and children actively plan for school lunches, kids become engaged in the practice of making healthy food choices. Start the conversation that leads to better health.

Exercising Portion Size
Part of a healthy eating habit is exercising portion control. All our meals are developed with the appropriate portion size to ensure that children always receive the right amount of food. 

It's Fun!

Dipping, stacking, and twirling kids will tell you that Freshlunches are fun too!


Parents Benefit

Convenience and Affordability
Freshlunches ordering and delivery system makes it simple for parents to plan lunches. Our lunches are affordably priced and are comparable to the cost of a home-made lunch.

Parents Track Children’s Meals
Since each lunch is customized and pre-ordered by parents, the nutritional value of their children's lunches can easily be generated with the Custom Nutritional Report.

Parents Save Time 
Freshlunches takes the guess work out of meal planning and preparation for busy parents with little time.  

Schools Benefit

Help Serve Children and Parents Alike
Childhood obesity is on the rise, and schools and parents together are looking for innovative ideas to promote healthier eating habits. Freshlunches makes it easier for schools to promote a culture of health and success. Freshlunches succeeds by ensuring that quality and health are not compromised by inconvenience.

Freshlunches participates in school fundraising activities, and donates a portion of the proceeds to the school.  Good health makes good business sense, too!


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